TEC-1166 (2x ±5 A / ±56 V)

Dual Channel OEM Precision Temperature Controller / Peltier Controller

Typical cooling power: 2 x 140 W

TEC Controller - TEC-1166-TBTEC-1166 Terminal Block Version
TEC Controller - TEC-1166-CON TEC Controller - TEC-1166-TB with pen TEC Controller - TEC-1166-CON with pen

Hardware Configuration

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TEC Controller Object Sensor Type
Terminal Configuration
For more information about the hardware configuration, click here or refer to the last page of the datasheet for ordering options.

Type K thermocouple can be used with our TEC Controller. Select VIN1 as object sensor type and order a TCI-1181 additionally.

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The TEC-1166 is a powerful, dual-channel TEC controller for precise control of Peltier elements. With up to 63 V input voltage an ideal candidate to be powered with lithium-ion batteries. In addition, we offer the proven meCom interface with the free software, extra GPIO’s for individual extensions with safety and measurement features, as well as our professional support for a smooth and fast integration into your system.

Attention! We never ship our TEC Controller with (counter)plugs. Therefore, if you choose Terminal-Block (TB) version, there are no plugs shipped with the controller. You can get them at your preferred electronic part provider with the manufacturer product number 691381000008 or in our webshop as PLG-34434. For information about all the other connector plugs please refer to the datasheet provided in the Related Download section.

Detailed Description

The TEC-1166 is a specialized TEC Controller/power supply able to precision-drive two Pel-tier elements.

  • Each channel features features a true bipolar DC current source for cooling / heating, six temperature monitoring inputs (2x high resolution, 4x low resolution) and intelligent PID control with auto tuning. The TEC-1166 is fully digitally controlled, it’s hard- and firmware offer numerous communication and safety options.
  • The included free PC-Software allows configuration, control, monitoring and live diagnosis of the TEC Controller via USB and RS485. All parameters are saved to non-volatile memory. Saving can be disabled for bus operation.
  • For the most straightforward applications, only a power supply, a Peltier element and at least one temperature sensor need to be connected to the TEC-1166. After powerup the unit will operate according to preconfigured values. (In stand-alone mode no control interface is needed.)
  • The TEC-1166 can handle either Pt100, Pt1000, NTC or Voltage temperature probes. For highest precision and stability applications a Pt100 / 4-wire input configuration is recommended. Analog measurement circuit is factory calibrated.
  • Auxiliary temperature inputs allow the connection of NTC probes that are located on the heat sinks of the Peltier elements. This additional data is used to compensate for parasitic thermal conduction of Peltier elements. Also, it allows the control of external heat sink cooling fans.
  • The heating and cooling power is optimized by proprietary thermal management routines based on power balance models (for Peltier elements and resistive heaters).
  • Further functionality includes: Smooth temperature ramping, thermal stability indication and auto gain (NTC probes). The free PC-Software allows data logging and configuration import/export.

Technical data

Typical cooling power2 x 140 W
DC Input 11.5-63 V / 10 A
Bipolar Output 2x ±56 V / 2x ±5 A
Temperature Probe Input 2x Pt100, Pt1000, NTC, VIN, Thermocouple (K-type)
Temp. Precision / Stability 0.01 °C or better
Aux. Temp. Probe Input 4x NTC
Communication Interfaces RS485, USB, CANopen, RS232 TTL
Configuration / Diagnosis via Communication Interfaces and PC-Software (free of charge)
Operation Modes Stand-Alone
Driver Modes Current driver
Voltage driver
Full Temperature Control
Heat Only / Cool Only
Dimensions (L x W x H) 160 mm x 100 mm x 24 mm

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