TEC-1091 (±4 A / ±21 V)

Small OEM Precision Peltier Temperature Controller

Typical cooling power: 42 W

TEC-1091 with screw connector (back) and pinheader (front)

Hardware Configuration

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TEC Controller Object Sensor Type
Terminal Configuration
For more information about the hardware configuration, please refer to the last page of the datasheet for ordering options.
*NTC: By default we mount an NTC1M. If you require an older version (NTC18K, NTC39K or NTC56K), please write which one you need in the comment section of your order or contact us: contact@meerstetter.ch.
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Small, highly efficient mono channel driver for the precise and intelligent control of one TEC module / Peltier element or resistive heater. Second smallest member of the TEC-Family of Peltier controllers, but still with sink temperature monitoring and autotune functionality. Can also be used as a digitally controlled power supply.

Detailed Description

The TEC-1091 is a specialized TEC controller / power supply able to precision-drive a Peltier element or resistive heater. It completes the TEC-Family range of devices of true bipolar current sources for cooling / heating at the low power end, and at very small dimensions. As its bigger siblings, the TEC-1091 features two temperature monitoring inputs (1x high resolution, 1x auxiliary) and intelligent PID control with built-in autotuning. Again, very powerful firmware will offer various communication and safety options.

Our TEC controllers are digitally controllable through software or API and scripting. There is even a LabVIEW VI software (PDF) available to operate the TEC controller. Several communication and security features enhance the functional range.

Other TEC controllers use the power input directly to generate a PWM signal for the Peltier element, which produces interferences. We generate direct current (DC) using SMPS instead, for ripple free output current and higher efficiency, what is advised by Peltier element manufacturers. (More info)

Tutorial videos for TEC controllers

Technical data

Typical cooling power42 W
DC Input 5-24 V / 4 A
Bipolar Output 0-21 V / ±4 A
Temperature Probe Input Pt100, Pt1000, NTC, VIN
Temp. Precision / Stability 0.01 °C or better
Aux. Temp. Probe Input NTC
Communication RS485, RS232 TTL, USB
Operation Modes Stand-Alone
Driver Modes Power Supply
Full Temperature Control
Heat Only / Cool Only
Dimensions (L x W x H) 65 mm x 38 mm x 14 mm

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