pyMeCom Python Interface

The pyMeCom project is a Python interface to communicate with and control Meerstetter controllers over the MeCom protocol. It was developed by Suthep Pomjaksilp and is currently maintained in this GitHub repository.

Detailed Description

This API can be used to easily monitor and change all the parameters on Meerstetter devices. It can easily be extended to support other commands as well. Furthermore, this project also comes with an example that shows how it can be used.

If you wish to use another programming language please also take a look at the following API options:

You can find a list of all available parameters and their ParameterIDs of our devices in their respective 'Communication Protocol' documents, which you can download from the following page on our website: Downloads - Latest Communication Protocols.

Technical data

Operating System Windows, macOS, Linux
Technical Requirements Python 3 and newer
Supported Interfaces USB, Ethernet (TCP/IP)
Supported Devices All Meerstetter Devices
License MIT License