MeComAPI for .NET

The MeComAPI for .NET is a code library that can be used by developers to connect to and control Meerstetter devices. It comes with a sample application and the entire source code to make it easy to understand how it can be used within a real world application.

Detailed Description

This package consists of a C# Code Library and a Windows console sample application as well as the entire Visual Studio solution (compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2022) and source code of these projects.

  • The API provides the C# code to fully control LDD-, TEC- and LTC-Family devices.
  • The user will only need to call some simple functions to set or read parameters.
  • The API does everything that is necessary to have a reliable communication interface:
    • Implements nearly all functions used to communicate with the devices
    • CRC calculations and checks
    • Sequence Number monitoring
    • Data resend on timeout and error management

This package contains no dedicated documentation apart from the included 'MeComAPI for .Net 5205' PDF document. Please have a look at the inline XML comments for more details; it is also possible to automatically generate a documentation from the XML comments using a tool like Doxygen.

This API contains the most features of all our APIs and will also be kept up-to-date in the future. If you wish to use another programming language or maybe want to develop your software for an operating system other than Windows please also take a look at the following API options:

You can find a list of all available parameters and their ParameterIDs of our devices in their respective 'Communication Protocol' documents, which you can download from the following page on our website: Downloads - Latest Communication Protocols.

The MeComAPI for .NET is open-source and is freely available to everyone.

Technical data

Operating System Windows, Linux, macOS
Technical Requirements .NET Framework 4.6.1 and newer / .NET Core 2.0 and newer / .NET 5.0 and newer
Supported Interfaces USB (FTDI is currently only supported on Windows), Ethernet (TCP/IP), SerialPort (COM Port)
Supported Devices All Meerstetter Devices
Price Free
License MIT License
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