MeComAPI (C/C++)

The MeComAPI (C/C++) is a code library that can be used by developers to connect to and control Meerstetter devices. It comes with a sample application and the entire source code to make it easy to understand how it can be used within a real world application.

Detailed Description

This package consists of a C/C++ Code Library, a console demo application for Windows and Linux as well as the source code of these projects.

  • The API provides the C/C++ code to monitor and configure LDD-, TEC- and LTC-Family devices.
  • The user will only need to call some simple functions to set or read parameters.
  • The API does everything that is necessary to have a reliable communication interface.
  • The API can easily be extended to fit the individual requirements.
  • The Visual Studio project solution and GNU makefile for the demo application are included in the package.
  • Can be used to develop PC or microcontroller applications.

This package also contains the 'MeComAPI 5170' PDF document that serves as project documentation. Please take a look at the inline code comments and the source code of the sample application for more details about how to use the API.

This API offers the least amount of functions among our API options and it is currently not actively being further developed. Therefore, please take a close look whether its feature-set can meet your requirements or not before heavily investing resources into implementing it.

If you wish to use another programming language or maybe you need additional features please also take a look at the following API options:

You can find a list of all available parameters and their ParameterIDs of our devices in their respective 'Communication Protocol' documents, which you can download from the following page on our website: Downloads - Latest Communication Protocols.

The MeComAPI (C/C++) is open-source and is freely available to everyone.

Technical data

Operating System Windows, macOS, Linux
Technical Requirements .NET Framework 4.0 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable Package are necessary to run the Windows console demo application
Supported Interfaces USB (FTDI), SerialPort (COM Port)
Supported Devices All Meerstetter Devices
Price Included with any Meerstetter Device
License MIT License