LDD-1137 Configuration Software
(free of charge)

A comprehensive software that allows convenient setup, monitoring, data logging and full configuration of LDD-1137 devices.

Detailed Description

The LDD-1137 Configuration Software is the standard Windows software by Meerstetter Engineering that can be used to control LDD-1137 devices. It is a powerful tool that allows monitoring, data logging and full configuration of the device via a standard USB, RS485 or Ethernet connection from a PC.

The software also features a graph, GPIO configuration, easy import and export of configuration files as well as information about errors if there are any thrown by the device.

The device parameter configuration is presented in an intuitive and graphical way, which allows the full control over the device. The tooltips of the controls also show in-depth information about the parameters as well as their communication interface information, which can be used to control the parameters via an API.

Technical data

Operating System Windows 7 and newer
Technical Requirements .NET Framework 4.8 and newer
Supported Interfaces USB (FTDI), RS485, Ethernet
Supported Devices LDD-1137
Price Included with any LDD-1137 device