NTC Sensors (R25 = 10k) Suggestions

RTDs for Laser Temperature Monitoring and TEC Temperature Control

Enclosure Size Various, See List
Number of Poles 2 (4-Wire Configuration Possible)
Supported Interfaces Laser/Sink Temperature Input or Object Temperature Input
Supported Devices TEC-Family Peltier Controllers (TEC-1089, TEC-1090, TEC-1091, TEC-1122, TEC-1123)
LDD-Family Laser Diode Drivers (LDD-1124, LDD-1121, LDD-1125)

This downloadable document lists a choice of NTC temperature probes (R25 = 10k) that work well with TEC-Family Peltier controllers (TEC-1091, TEC-1089, TEC-1122, etc.) and LDD-Family laser diode drivers (LDD-1124, LDD-1121, etc.). It can provide some guidance / starting points for sensor selection.

We do not distribute any of the sensors listed. For our customers' convenience, some distributors and part number are given. All information is subject to change. We are not associated with any manufacturer or distributor cited.

Please consult the Meerstetter devices' data sheets and user manuals for configuration options and operational detail.

For customer specific temperature sensors please contact K. Mösch AG. See NTC10k Sensors Suggestions document for some examples.

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