LDD Service Software for LDD-Family Laser Diode Drivers

Convenient Monitoring, Control and Configuration Management of LDD-Family Laser Diode Drivers

Operating System Windows
Supported Interfaces USB, RS485, Ethernet
Supported Devices LDD-1125, LDD-1121, LDD-1125, (LTR-1200)
Price Included with any LDD-Family Laser Diode Driver

LDD Service Software is bundled with every purchase of a LDD-Family laser diode driver. It is a powerful tool that allows monitoring, data logging and full configuration of the LDD device via a standard USB or an RS485 connection from a PC running Windows.

This tool is ideal for laboratory setups, product evaluation diagnosis, debugging and commissioning:

  • internal generators set up
  • configuration import and export
  • data charting with trigger functionality
  • error codes and built-in descriptions
  • hardware configuration (e.g. calibration)
  • maintenance (e.g. firmware upgrades)

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