DPY-1113 TEC Status Display Kit

System Status of Single or Dual Channel Thermoelectric Cooling Systems

Human Machine Interface 2 x 16 Char OLED Display
Cable Length approx. 50 cm
Supported Devices TEC-Family Peltier Controllers (TEC-1091, TEC-1089, TEC-1090, TEC-1122, TEC-1123, TEC-1092 with EVL-1093)

The DPY-1113 is an add-on display kit for TEC Family Peltier controllers.

From the TEC Service Software it is possible to choose the information to be displayed, e.g. temperature, voltage, current and status.

This ready-to-use kit including a cable and connector is particularly suitable for stand-alone operation of single or dual channel controller setups.

The DPY-1113 status display kit is supported from firmware v1.60 and upwards, configuration information is provided in the TEC-Family user manual.

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