LTR-1200 (LDD/TEC) 19″ Rack Enclosure

LTR-1200 LDD TEC 19 Rack Enclosure-1 LTR-1200 LDD TEC 19 Rack Enclosure-2 LTR-1200 LDD TEC 19 Rack Enclosure-3 LTR-1200 LDD TEC 19 Rack Enclosure-4 LTR-1200 LDD TEC 19 Rack Enclosure-5
This product must be con­figured and cannot be purchased directly.

Please specify which and how many TEC con­trol­lers and/or laser diode drivers you would like to include in the LTR-1200, or contact our sales team.
1U rack enclosure with HMI, intelligent cooling and modular power supply for turn-key integration and stand-alone operation of up to four internal OEM laser diode drivers or/and TEC controllers. The LTR-1200 case transforms your devices into rack-mount or table-top instruments.

Detailed Description

The LTR-1200 is a highly configurable, ready-made carrier system facilitating the integration of LDD- and TEC-Family OEM devices into standard 19" racks or their use as stand-alone table-top instruments. Modular power supply, intelligent air cooling and galvaniaclly isolated communication options allow Meerstetter Engineering to compose and provide customer-specific turnkey solutions. Full configuration and control of all internal devices are available over 'MeCom' remote communcation protocol and LDD/TEC service software. Basic parameter control and systems status information are available over the LTR-1200's front panel display and 5-way navigation switch, allowing for autonomous stand-alone operation.

Rack-mount your TEC or Laser Diode Controllers in this standard-size rack case, for local and remote control.

Technical data