Laser Diode Drivers

Detailed Data
DC Input
Max. Output Current
Output Voltage
CW Current
Max. Output Current
Output Voltage
Duty Cycle
Pulse Rise Time
Digital I/O
LDD-1124 imageLDD-1121 imageLDD-1125 imagenLDD-1125 image
LDD-1124-SV LDD-1121-SV LDD-1125-HV n * LDD-1125-HV (parallel)
more... more... more... more...
12 V – 24 V 12V – 36 V
CW Operation
1.5 A
15 A
30 A
60 A or 90 A
up to 15 V up to 27 V
30 µA 1 mA 2 mA 4 mA oder 6 mA
Pulse Operation
1.5 A 15 A 30 A 60  A or 90 A
up to 15 V up to 27 V
0 .. 100% @ f < 10 kHz (See datasheet)
1 µs – CW
45 ns 110 ns 135 ns
120 mm x 90 mm x 18 mm
RS-485, USB, NTC for diode temperature
Pulse input, pulse output (trigger), interlock, generator trigger input
Order Process Credit Cards Accepted

Product Highlights

  • Diffrent operation modis: CW, modulated, QCW, pulsed and LPC option avaible allowing closed-loop Laser Power Control.
  • Software: Configuration, charting and logging (more info)
  • Communication: Open communication protocol, C-code libary (more info)
  • Lookup table programming for individual waveforms and current ramps (more info)

The latest laser diode drivers LDD-1124, LDD-1121 and LDD-1125 are members of the digital LDD-Family and feature a microcontroller and a FPGA.

Our LDDs are ideally complemented with our TEC-Family precision Peltier temperature controllers.


Pre-assembled cable on plug for laser diode object temperature and laser power measurements. Compatible with LDD-1124, LDD-1121 and LDD-1125 laser diode drivers.
1U rack enclosure with HMI, intelligent cooling and modular power supply for turn-key integration and stand-alone operation of up to four internal OEM laser diode drivers or/and TEC controllers. The LTR-1200 case transforms your devices into rack-mount or table-top instruments.

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