Meerstetter Engineering designs, manufactures and distributes high precision, digitally controllable OEM laser diode drivers and TEC Controllers. Our solutions feature low noise, high efficiency and high stability properties.
Additionally, we provide customer-specific device optimizations and extensions as well as the development of customer-specific hard and software.

Customer Reviews on Google

"Recently I had yet another excellent experience with Meerstetter. On top of the first-class electronics they provide, their technical support is simply outstanding - very fast and professional! Recommend to anyone looking for Laser and TEC controllers."

5 star review
Adam Polak

"We bought some peltier controller, works as described, support was fast and helpful. Looking forward to buy from you next time. Thanks!"

5 star review
Róbert Vígh

"Their TEC controllers are quite compact and useful. I have been using a bulky benchtop TEC contoller but Meerstetter's small board can do exactly the same job (but much cheaper). The customer support is very responsive and helpful."

5 star review
Hiroki Tanaka