Meerstetter Engineering designs, manufactures and distributes high precision, digitally controllable OEM laser diode drivers and TEC Controllers. Our solutions feature low noise, high efficiency and high stability properties. Additionally, we provide customer-specific device optimizations and extensions as well as the development of customer-specific hard and software.

TEC Controllers

Temperature regulators for Peltier elements and resistive heaters.

  • OEM Single & Dual Channel TEC Controllers
  • Status Display
  • Temperature Sensor Cables

Laser Diode Drivers

Current sources for CW, modulated, QCW & pulsed modes.

  • OEM Laser Diode Drivers
  • Temperature Sensor / LPC Cables


Laser & Temperature Controllers

Laser Diode Drivers combined with TEC controllers.

  • OEM Laser & TEC Controllers

Systems, Software, Accessories

Our products are accompanied by comprehensive software.

  • Rack Mount TEC & LDD System
  • Configuration Software (LDD & TEC)
  • Temperature Sensor Suggestions

Meerstetter Engineering GmbH

Schulhausgasse 12

CH-3113 Rubigen, Switzerland

+41 31 529 21 00

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