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Meridian AG produces and distributes products for laser ophthalmology.


For a new product development Meridian AG was looking for a competent partner with experience in laser technology. The task was to develop the electronics for a device to treat patients. It had to be compact and quiet.


To keep the laser on a constant temperature peltier elements are used for cooling. They are controlled through a TEC-Controller. This allows a fanless operation and there is no need for cooling fluids.

An intelligent regulation takes care of the laser power management and provides the power supply for the peltier elements.

The device can be operated through a graphical user interface on a touchscreen.

Meerstetter Engineering provided an all-in-one solution to control all the electrical parts of the MERILAS 532a as an unit.


  • TEC-Controller
  • Power supply for peltier elements
  • Power management for the laser
  • GUI for touchscreen
  • Interfaces
  • Service software

Technical data

  • Frequency doubled solid state laser
  • 532 nm wavelength
  • 2.5 W laser output power
  • 30 A laser diode driver

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