TEC Controllers

Detailed Data
Output Current
(no PWM, bipolar)
Output Voltage
Output Channels
DC Input
Temp. Precision
Typical Cooling
Delivery (EXW)
TEC-1092 image TEC-1091 image TEC-1089 image TEC-1090 image TEC-1122 image TEC-1123 image
TEC-1092 TEC-1091 TEC-1089-SV TEC-1090-HV TEC-1122-SV TEC-1123-HV
more... more... more... more... more... more...
±0 – 1.2 A ±0 – 4 A ±0 – 10 A ±0 – 16 A 2 x ±0 – 10 A 2 x ±0 – 16 A
0 – 9.6 V 0 – 21 V 0 – 21 V 0 – 30 V 0 – 21 V 0 – 30 V
one two
5 – 12 V 5 – 24 V 12 – 24 V 12 – 36 V 12 – 24 V 12 – 36 V
36 x 28 x 8.5 mm 65 x 38 x 14 mm 75 x 60 x 18 mm 120 x 90 x 18 mm
RS485, RS232 TTL RS485, RS232 TTL,
RS485, USB
0.01°C or better
Gas IR sensors CCD Chip Cooling,
Image Intensifiers
Laser Diodes,
Biomedical Samples
Diode-Pumped Laser
Usually stock item, 5 to 10 workdays

You can either request a quotation for a standard order or place an order via our online shop. Please request a quotation if you are interested in ordering a larger quantity (more than 5 pieces).

Product Highlights

  • Efficiency: DC output current instead of PWM current used, for efficient cooling (more info)
  • Software: Configuration, system optimization (PID autotuning), charting and logging (more info)
  • Communication: Open communication protocol, C-code library (API), LabVIEW example program and available I/O signals (more info)
  • Lookup table programming for thermal cycling (more info)
  • Temperature range: -50 °C to 200 °C with high precision (0.01 °C or better)
  • High power per area: Miniature (11.5 W, 36 x 28 mm) to compact (960 W, 120 x 90 mm)

Full digital control of the TEC controllers through Software, API and scripting.

Precise Temperature Control (Heating + Cooling)

TEC Peltier Element Controller, Heatsink, Fan

Peltier elements (thermoelectric coolers) in combination with the flexible thermoelectric controllers from Meerstetter Engineering allow the realization of countless applications like digital temperature control, cooling of optical and electronic objects or temperature cycling of biological samples and assays.

Peltier elements, sensors, fans, power supplies – find more information about the design process and system components in our thermal system design information.

Pre-assembled cable on plug for object and sink temperature measurements. Compatible with TEC-1089 and TEC-1090 single channel temperature controllers.
Pre-assembled cable on plug for object and sink temperature measurements. Compatible with TEC-1122 and TEC-1123 dual channel temperature controllers.
The EVL-1093 is an evaluation board for the TEC-1092 TEC controller and provides easy connectivity for it.
2x16 character OLED display kit including cable and connector. Readily connectable to Meerstetter TEC controllers displaying selectable status information. No external power required.
1U rack enclosure with HMI, intelligent cooling and modular power supply for turn-key integration and stand-alone operation of up to four internal OEM laser diode drivers or/and TEC controllers. The LTR-1200 case transforms your devices into rack-mount or table-top instruments.
The TEC Service Software is a powerful tool for the configuration, monitoring, auto tuning etc. of TEC controllers.

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