TopoFlight Systems is a Swiss based company, specialised in 3D flight planning software for photogrammetry (aerial survey) applications.


In photogrammetry several sensors like GPS receivers, cameras and laser scanners have to be connected using control devices, to share event signals and data. The task was to integrate those control devices and hardware into one box and protect the unit from voltage surges coming from the aircraft's board net. The goal was to offer an all-in-one control hardware box along with the software, as response to the rising demand for a complete solution.


To simplify the setup and to rule out errors of misconfiguration, Meerstetter Engineering developed an all-in-one control box. This box interconnects the flight planning software with the camera (e.g. Phase One iXA-R), laser scanner, GPS (GNSS) receiver (e.g. Novatel ProPak 6) and IMU (e.g. Novatel SPAN IMU-FSAS).

To operate the flight planning software, an integrated industry PC and external touch screen monitors are used in place of a laptop. An UPS ensures the availability of the system during the flight.

A big advantage is, that the user can rely on a preconfigured system and that the components are protected from overvoltages on the aicraft power supply.


  • Protected power supply (compliant to DO-160)
  • Mechanical contstruction together with a design engineer
  • Signal connections
  • Modification of Devices

Technical Data

  • 19" rack
  • 24 V power supply (compliant to DO-160)
  • Integrated industry PC
  • Rugged case and connectors