The combination of our knowledge in laser technology and thermoelectric temperature control with our profiency in power electronics, digital systems for measurement and control, embedded systems FPGA-design and software engineering is our strength.

We are your partner from conceptual design to development, production, productmanagement and repairing.

To Implement Instead of Developing Electronics and Software

You can just implement a well-proven TEC controller or a laser diode driver in your design and let us adapt the software.

Or... Check out the following document for even more possibilities.

A Selection of Custom-Made Solutions

Engineering of a control box for photogrammetry (aerial survey) applications. Development: Power supply, signal connections, modification of devices
This driver is a high precise and ultra stable (0.1%) fiber coupled laser source. It features 60 mW output power and pulse generation in the range of milliseconds.
Engineering of a frequency doubled solid state laser for ophthalmological applications. Development: TEC-Controller, laser power regulator, GUI for touchscreen, service software
Universal control unit for industrial air moistening and water treatment. Development: Hardware, analog signal processing, service software, process control

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