Montag, 04 März 2013

Rack Enclosure - Holds up to 4 TEC or Laser Diode Drivers

LDD TEC Rack Enclosure LTR-1200 LDD TEC Rack Enclosure LTR-1200

(Rubigen / March 2013) Meerstetter Engineering facilitates the stand-alone and specifically the side-by-side operation of their digital laser diode drivers and Peltier controllers. The 19" rack enclosure LTR-1200 is designed to hold up to four LDD- and/or TEC-Family devices, to provide modular power (up to 1440W) and adequate cooling, and to offer extensive communication options. Configured to customer's requirements, the LTR-1200 is a versatile platform for integrated turnkey solutions.

The LTR-1200 is addressed and controlled over its front panel HMI (human machine interface) that acts as a gateway to the built-in devices. In addition to the standard serial connections (USB, RS485) and digital I/Os, it offers Ethernet and RS232 connectivity. All data interfaces are galvanically isolated. Multicolor LEDs and a 2x40 LCD display inform the u ser about the principal parameters and states of the built-in devices and of the overall system. Comprehensive, individual device configuration remains fully accessible via the corresponding LDD and TEC Service Software applications, basic settings such as laser current/power or target temperature are also adjustable over the HMI 5-way navigation switch for true stand-alone operation.

Meerstetter Engineering promises to take away the hassle of embedding their OEM drivers into testing and laboratory environments by providing customer-specific turnkey solutions. The new rack enclosures have modular power supply options that depend on the number and types of built-in devices, and on their mode of operation. (Some applications may require low voltage/low power precision control, whereas others take full advantage of the remarkable high-power density.) Cooling options are scalable, too, with intelligent fan speed control that comes as standard. The back panel i s customizable and offers power terminals as well as sensor connectivity for temperature or/and photocurrent acquisition.

The 19" rack enclosure LTR-1200 is fully compatible with the current lineup of Meerstetter digital LDD - Family laser diode drivers (LDD-1121, LDD-1124, LDD -1125, LDD-1127) and advanced TEC-Family thermoelectric cooling controllers (single channel TEC-1089, TEC-1090; dual channel TEC1122, TEC- 1123). The installation of third-party devices, e.g. of a fiber-coupled diode laser, is possible, if dimensional and power requirements are met. Please contact Meerstetter Engineering with your enquiry.

Meerstetter Engineering is a family-owned electronics engineering company, developing and manufacturing power electronics, high-voltage technology and embedded systems. With laser- electronics as its specialty, Meerstetter Engineering also consults clients. e.g. to help them finding a custom laser solution.