Mittwoch, 04 Juli 2018

New TEC Controller Software v3.11

TEC Service Software TEC Service Software

We are happy to announce the new TEC Service Software version 3.11 and a new User Manual. 

The updated TEC Controller Software offers several new features.

  • The PBC RESx pins have been renamed GPIOx and are now individually configurable according to your requirements.
  • The Display can now show fully custom text.
  • The fan offers new possibilities for control, e.g. controlling with the device temperature of the TEC Controller and the temperatures of the second channel.
  • New voltage output sensors such as the LM61 can be used.
  • Multiple Bugs have been fixed.

The TEC Controller becomes even more multifunctional with the new TEC Controller Software and is the ideal solution for your TEC applications.


The new GPIO and display settings allow the following setup to be realized.



The target temperature which the TEC Controller is controlling is altered using a Rotary Encoder. The value is shown on the display. The display can now show fully custom text and all accessible parameters of the TEC Controller. 


Another new possibility is that voltage output sensors can be used as temperature sensors. This allows for the TEC Controller to be used with existing measurement systems including LM61, LM50 or similar temperature sensors. 



Additional information can be found in the following documents:

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information about the new product.