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Rack Enclosure - Holds up to 4 TEC or Laser Diode Drivers

LDD TEC Rack Enclosure LTR-1200 LDD TEC Rack Enclosure LTR-1200

(Rubigen / March 2013) Meerstetter Engineering facilitates the stand-alone and specifically the side-by-side operation of their digital laser diode drivers and Peltier controllers. The 19" rack enclosure LTR-1200 is designed to hold up to four L DD- and/or TEC-Family devices, to provide modular power (up to 1440W) and adequate cooling, a nd to offer extensive communication options. Configured to customer's requirements, the LTR-1200 is a versatile platform for integrated turnkey solutions.

The LTR-1200 is addressed and controlled over its f ront panel HMI (human machine interface) that acts as a gateway to the built-in devices. In addit ion to the standard serial connections (USB, RS485) and digital I/Os, it offers Ethernet and RS232 conn ectivity. All data interfaces are galvanically isol ated. Multicolor LEDs and a 2x40 LCD display inform the u ser about the principal parameters and states of the built-in devices and of the overall system. Com prehensive, individual device configuration remains fully accessible via the corresponding LDD and TEC Service Software applications, basic settings such as laser current/power or target temperature a re also adjustable over the HMI 5-way navigation switch for true stand-alone operation.

Meerstetter Engineering promises to take away the h assle of embedding their OEM drivers into testing and laboratory environments by providing customer-s pecific turnkey solutions. The new rack enclosures have modular power supply options that d epend on the number and types of built-in devices, and on their mode of operation. (Some appl ications may require low voltage/low power precision control, whereas others take full advanta ge of the remarkable high power density.) Cooling options are scalable, too, with intelligent fan spe ed control that comes as standard. The back panel i s customizable and offers power terminals as well as sensor connectivity for temperature or/and photocurrent acquisition.

The 19" rack enclosure LTR-1200 is fully compatible with the current lineup of Meerstetter digital LDD - Family laser diode drivers (LDD-1121, LDD-1124, LDD -1125, LDD-1127) and advanced TEC-Family thermoelectric cooling controllers (single channel TEC-1089, TEC-1090; dual channel TEC1122, TEC- 1123). The installation of third party devices, e.g. of a fiber-coupled diode laser, is possible, if dimensional and power requirements are met. Please contact Meerstetter Engineering with your enquiry.

Meerstetter Engineering is a family-owned electroni cs engineering company, developing and manufacturing power electronics, high-voltage techn ology and embedded systems. With laser- electronics as its specialty, Meerstetter Engineeri ng also consults clients. e.g. to help them finding a custom laser solution.



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