TEC Service Software für TEC-Family Peltier Temperaturregler

The TEC Service Software is available for free. It is a powerful tool running on Windows to which a TEC controller can be connected using USB, RS485 or RS232 (TTL) connections.

  • Monitoring of operating parameters like temperature, current or voltage
  • Charting: Diagram for object temperature, current and PID control variables in high temporal resolution
  • Logging / export of operation parameters to a CSV file
  • PID auto tuning: convenient way to find the optimal PID parameters for the thermal model
  • Lookup table / scripting for temperature profiles in stand alone operation of TEC controller
  • Error management and analysis, safety limitations etc.
  • And many more features...

This tool is ideal for laboratory setups, product evaluation and commissioning. In conjunction with the comprehensive set of error codes and built-in descriptions, it facilitates diagnosis and debugging.
The software also supplies a user-friendly interface for maintenance (e.g. firmware upgrades) and device calibration.

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