Laser Diode Driver with Laser Power Control [LPC optional]
0-30 A / 0-27 V High-Precision CW, QCW and Pulsed

Supply Voltage 12-36 V DC
Output Voltage 0-27 V (max. VIN - 8 V)
Output Current 0-30 A, <0.2% Ripple
CW / Modulated Current :  
- CW Current Control Configurable PID
- CW Current Resolution 2 mA
- CW Current Modulation 3 kHz (0.2 A/μs @ 10-30 A)
Pulsed Current :  
- Pulse Generation CW Chopping
- Pulse Frequency up to 40 kHz
- Pulse Duty Cycle 0 to 100%
Laser Power Control :  
- CW Light Control Configurable PID
- Light Meas. Sampling 0.5 MSps
Configuration / Diagnosis via USB (own PC-Software)
Efficiency >94% (@ >50% Load)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 120 mm x 90 mm x 18 mm
Further Information Possibility to operate in parallel mode to obtain double output current.

The LDD-1125 is a specialized laser diode driver able to precision-drive laser diodes in continuous and pulsed operation. Core element of the LDD's internal current source is the generation of highly precise 333 ps timing steps that results in 2 mA resolution and very low ripple.

Equipped with optional light measurement circuitry, the LDD-1125-HV-LPC can also be operated as a Laser Power Controller (LPC).

It is possible to connect the LDD-1125 in parallel to obtain n * 30 A maximum output current. N is a natural number. If you have any questions concerning this option, our support team will be happy to help you.

All LDD-1125s offer various safety features, including an input for laser diode temperature monitoring. They are fully digitally controlled; their firmware is upgradeable to offer various communication options and to meet specific customer requirements.

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