Please note that we only accept returns with an RMA number issued by us.

Return for repairs and upgrades

Please contact our support team first. Often, we can help you quickly and free of charge through a TeamViewer session. Else, you will receive an RMA number.

If your device is still under warranty and there is no fault of the customer, the repair is free of charge. If the warranty period has expired and there is no extensive damage, we charge a base fee of CHF 100 (or equivalent in USD/EUR)+ shipping costs for the repairs. Furthermore, if there is very serious damage, and we need to spend an unusually high amount of time to repair the device, we may charge a higher fee for the repairs. However, this is very unlikely and is almost never the case.

Bear in mind that even if the device is not damaged, we still charge the base fee + shipping costs if it is no longer within the warranty period. This is because we have to perform an analysis of the device and run it through our test process again to verify that it is performing correctly.

Return for other reasons

If you would like to return the device due to an accidental purchase or similar, please note that the ESD guidelines must have been strictly adhered to all the time. Further regulations (also regarding costs) can be found in our terms and conditions, point 14.

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