Typical cooling power

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For all our TEC Controllers we provide information on the typical cooling power. The specified cooling capacity corresponds to the cooling capacity of the connected Peltier element.

This is an approximation with COP = 0.5 and full electrical power. Typical cooling capacity = electrical power * COP. COP = 0.5 can usually be easily reached. In good conditions even a COP between 1 and 2 is possible. Learn more about how to reach a good COP in our compendium.

The full electrical power is available for heating by ohmic resistance.

Overview by typical cooling capacity:
(@ cop = 0.5)

TEC ControllerCalculated cooling capacity
TEC-1092 6 W
TEC-1091 42 W
TEC-1161-4A 2 x 42 W
TEC-1089 105 W
TEC-1122 2 x 105 W
TEC-1161-10A 2 x 105 W
TEC-1162 140 W
TEC-1166 2 x 140 W
TEC-1090 240 W
TEC-1123 2 x 240 W
TEC-1163 700 W
TEC-1167 2 x 700 W

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