TEC Controller Hardware Configuration

Our TEC controllers need to be ordered with a hardware configuration chosen by the customer. The TEC controllers are configured and tested internally before shipping. This article is intended to clarify questions about hardware configuration.

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TEC Controllers

We offer the following TEC Controllers:

Key properties
-Typical cooling power

±0 – 1.2 A
0 – 9.6 V
6 W

±0 – 4 A
0 – 21 V
42 W

±0 – 10 A
0 – 21 V
105 W

±0 – 16 A
0 – 30 V
240 W
Power class Micro Small Medium Large
1 Bipolar channel TEC-1092 TEC-1091 TEC-1089 TEC-1090
2 Bipolar channels   TEC-1161-4A TEC-1122

Order Help / Options Assistant

The following hardware configurations are available in addition to the models:

A few examples:

  • TEC-1091-PT100-SCREW
    Model: TEC-1091 Sensor Type: PT100 Terminal Configuration: SCREW
  • TEC-1161-4A-PT1000-PIN
    Model: TEC-1161-4A Sensor Type: PT1000 Terminal Configuration: PIN
  • TEC-1122-SV-NTC
    Model: TEC-1122-SV Sensor Typ: NTC Terminal Configuration

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Sensor Options: ?s?

The following sensor types are available for our TEC controllers:

Sensor TypeTemperature Measurement Range
PT100 -100 to +200 °C
PT1000 -100 to +200 °C
NTC -55 to +131 °C assuming an NTC thermistor 10k@25 °C (B approx. 3900) is used

Explanation NTC

The NTC hardware configuration allows the connected thermistor to be measured up to a maximum of 1M ohms. If the connected thermistor is bigger than 1M Ohm, 1M Ohm is measured. The NTC configuration corresponds to the previous NTC1M version.

If you need an older version (NTC18K, NTC39K or NTC56K), please write it in the comment of your order or contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Explanation Thermocouple

To use our TEC Controller with thermocouples type K, you need a TCI-1181 in addition to the TEC Controller with a VIN1 object sensor type configuration. The TCI-1181 is a very small thermocouple readout circuit that amplifies and linearizes the thermocouple output.

The TCI-1181 has the following hardware configuration:

  1. Thermocouple temperature range type: K or KH

  2. ThermocoupleTemperature Measurement Range
    Typ K -195 to +320 °C for TEC-1089, TEC-1090,  TEC-1091 HW v1.8, TEC-1122, TEC-1123
    -195 to +400 °C for TEC-1091 HW v3.15, TEC-1092, TEC-1061
    Typ KH (high temperature range) 5 to +540 °C for TEC-1089, TEC-1090,  TEC-1091 HW v1.8, TEC-1122, TEC-1123
    5 to +760 °C for TEC-1091 HW v3.15, TEC-1092, TEC-1061

  3. Thermocouple Connector (X1): NC (solder eye) or MC (standard mini socket Farnell S/N 2810611)
  4. Board Connector (X4): NC (solder eye) or SCREW (see below)


TCI-1181 with Terminals

Hardware and Software configuration TCI-1181

Pin Configuration and Mechanical Data


Top view of the board

  • The PCB can be mounted with the mounting holes (shown in blue, distances shown in picture) with M2 screws and spacers. The bottom of the board has no components.
  • X1 Thermocouple connector (optional): Omega PCC-SMP-K Miniature Thermocouple Connector, mates with common thermocouples (Farnell P/N 2810611)
  • X4 Device connector: screw header. Alternate connector available on request.
    Pinout (pin 1 is at the bottom in the above picture):
    PinPin NameFunktionConnect to TEC Controller Pin
    4 TOIA Positive Supply IA
    2 TOUA Positive Output Terminal UA
    1 TOUB Negative Output Terminal UB
  • Direct wire soldering (compatible with connectors):
    PinPin NameFunktionConnect to TEC Controller Pin
    Z3 TOIA Positive Supply IA
    Z5 TOUA Positive Output Terminal UA
    Z6 TOUB Negative Output Terminal UB


Software Configuration

In the service software only the area "Chx Object Voltage to Temperature Conversion" (Tab: Advanced -> Tab: Temperture Conversion -> Approx. in the middle) must be set.

Terminal Options: ?t?

The following terminal options are available and can only be specified for TEC-1091 and TEC-1161-xA:

Terminal ConfigurationExplanationImage
SCREW TEC-1091: 2.54 mm
TEC-1161: 2.54 mm
SCREW Terminal
PIN TEC-1091: 2.54 mm
TEC-1161: 2.54 mm
PIN Terminal
NC No connector NC Terminal

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