Lookup Tables for Laser Diode Drivers

Various Applications with Laser Diode Current Modulation


Laser systems are used in medicine, industry, metrology etc. Many of the applications require variable laser intensity per time unit.

Typical Applications:
  • Interferometry
  • Spectroscopy
  • Optical communication
  • Reference light sources
  • Calibration

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Implementation with Laser Diode Drivers (LDD)

All our laser diode drivers offer the possibility to modulate the output current for the laser diode with specific waveforms.

Up to four different lookup tables containing customized waveforms and current ramps can be loaded into the memory of the laser diode driver. The waveforms are used to control the laser diode current and the laser power control (LPC) function.

The waveforms are created and stored as up to 16300 set-points in a spreadsheet (Excel file). This data is exported afterwards as a CSV file and loaded into to the memory of the LDD using the service software.

Example lookup table

An example lookup table generated in Excel
More information in the user manual chapter 5.8 (PDF)

Operation Modes

Autonomous mode: Waveforms defined in the lookup tables can be loaded into the memory of the LDD by using the service software.

Remote control: The signal defined in the lookup table can be externally triggered with a hardware pin. The lookup table processing can be controlled over the communication protocol as well.

More information in the user manual chapter 5.8 (PDF)

Logged temperature and operation parameter data can be exported for documentation, reproducibility and further analysis.

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