Monday, 21 January 2013

TEC Controller Scripting for Custom Temperature Curves

TEC Controller Scripting (Lookup Table) TEC Controller Scripting (Lookup Table)

(Rubigen / January 2013) Meerstetter Engineering adds scripting capability to its line of TEC controllers (TEC-1089, TEC-1122, TEC-1123). The extended firmware and instruction set allow for local or remote triggering of sequential lookup table readouts, such as ramps, holds and loops.

Based upon a client request, Meerstetter Engineering has developed a scripting language that allows the definition of custom temperature profiles. These curves may be executed once upon a triggering signal, or they may be repeated a given number of times. Temperature profiles are defined in a lookup table that is created offline, saved to the TEC controller's flash memory and then executed. One lookup table may contain several scripts (sub tables) that are individually addressable. The new firmware also permits live redefinition of the current nominal temperature via the 'MeCom' serial communication protocol, allowing to create arbitrary temperature curves in real time.

On the hardware side, the object and sink temperature measurement ranges for NTC thermistors can be customized more easily, and their stability has been further improved.

The update procedure to the latest firm- and software is free for all existing customers, and described in the document "TEC Controller Software Release Notes". The updated user manual and the according communication protocol specifications can be downloaded from the TEC-1089, TEC-1122 or TEC-1123 product pages on our website.

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