Friday, 06 September 2013

TEC Controller and Operation Status on OLED Displays

(Rubigen / Juli 2013) Upon popular customers request Meerstetter Engineering introduces out-of-the-box support for selected OLED displays. This feature allows easy monitoring of temperature and other device status information without using a host system.

Alphanumeric displays can now be connected Meerstetter TEC controllers' pre-configured connectors.
Various values and messages can be shown in real time.
Basically the firmware supports 2x16 char OLED displays, which are powered and controlled over the
X11 connector. The ready-to-use DPY-1113 display kit, including cable and connector, is available directly from Meerstetter Engineering.

In the above image, a DPY-1113 controlled and powered from a TEC-Family Peltier controller is shown. The information to be displayed is selectable from within TEC Service Software. Upon request it is also possible to add some other display messages and/or to control larger displays.