Monday, 17 February 2020

Our new displays - DPY-1114 & DPY-1115

Your requirements are at the center of our considerations. Due to repeated requests, we have added two additional displays to our TEC controller range. A large four-line display (DPY-1114) and a very small two-line display (DPY-1115).





  • DPY-1114 OLED-Display 4x20 Char
    For all those who want to know more or like to say more.
  • DPY-1115 OLED-Display 2x16 Char
    Convinces with its small size.
  • Both new displays work with firmware v4.10 or newer.
  • Same price for all displays.


The display can be programmed within minutes to show various parameters, eliminating the need for a computer to check if your TEC is working properly. For example, you can view the input current, actual output current, actual firmware version, temperature control status, and much more.



Text ProgrammedText Shown
on Display
Object: {1000;1;2;5}°C Object: 23.12°C Channel 1 Object Temperature
Target: {1010;2;1;4}°C Target: 20.0°C Channel 2 Target Temperature
Status: {104;1;0;2} Status: 2 TEC Controller Status


Further information about the various displays can be found in the User Manual starting on page 34 and in the data sheets.