Monday, 22 December 2014

Implementation Instead of Development

A TEC-1089 controller. A TEC-1089 controller.

(Rubigen / December 2014) Do you search a competent partner with proficiency in power electronics, thermoelectric design and laser diode applications? Meerstetter Engineering is offering you assistence in development and production.

Our turnkey solutions for thermoelectric cooling and heating and our laser diode drivers cover a wide range of possible applications. But do you consider to integrate those products into your own device? Or do you need customer specific solutions?

As an alternative to your own development with all the risks and costs, Meerstetter Engineering is offering you the following solutions.

Functional Models

As a starting point you set up your thermal or optical design with standard drivers. By doing this you check the feasibility, optimize your design and discover possible problems. If necessary Meerstetter Engineering or one of our partners can assist you in achieving better results.

Start with proven design

On the other side you can integrate our TEC controllers and laser diode drivers into your own product:

  1. Customized extension: Extension or adaptation of a device or of a software by Meerstetter to suit your needs.
  2. Design license: By completing a license agreement we entrust you the design of a development.
  3. Customized development: Development of hard- and software according to your needs.

Have a look at our design flyer to learn more how you can benefit.