Wednesday, 28 September 2022

32 years of Meerstetter Engineering

We celebrated the 32nd anniversary of Meerstetter Engineering with a trip to the wonderful Diemtigbergli. We enjoyed a great lunch and afterwards strengthened our teamwork by building rope bridges.

Ropes, like contacts, purposefully connected to achieve stable and workable solutions for all, including our customers.

We celebrate:

  • 32 years of family company culture;
  • 32 years of customer proximity;
  • 32 years of fast and professional support;
  • 32 years of high-quality standards;
  • 32 years of continuous development;
  • 32 years of transformation from a local to a global company;
  • 32 years of building a reputation;
  • 32 years for and with our customers.

And we look forward to many more years of:

  • continuous development with innovative ideas;
  • offering top services;
  • growing together with our customers;
  • for and with our customers.