News from Meerstetter Engineering

Meerstetter introduces a new environment-friendly shipping option “Euro-Eco”.

We are happy to present our newest development, the TEC-1161: an ultracompact and versatile TEC Controller with two temperature-regulation channels.

We inform you, that after 23.03.2020 all newly delivered TEC controllers will be delivered with firmware version v4.20 by default.

Our brand-new homepage is online and we invite you to try it out.

Your requirements are at the center of our considerations. Due to repeated requests, we have added two additional displays to our TEC controller range. A large four-line display (DPY-1114) and a very small two-line display (DPY-1115).

ISO 9001:2015 certificate confirms the high quality standards of Meerstetter Engineering GmbH.

We inform you, that after 01.01.2020 all newly delivered TEC controllers will be delivered with firmware version v4.10 by default.

New employee for Meerstetter Engineering - We are happy to welcome Carina Thomann.


We invite you to visit our booth A11 at the LPS Bregenz Austria.

Meerstetter completely owned by Berndorf AG.

We hereby inform you that the TEC-1091, version 1.8 will be replaced by an improved version 3.15.

New employee for Meerstetter Engineering - We are happy to welcome Pascal Voser.


New employee for Meerstetter Engineering - We are happy to welcome Laila Saxena.

New employee for Meerstetter Engineering - We are happy to welcome Xavier Frei.

Which new products are there from Meerstetter Engineering? Can Meerstetter meet my special requests?

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year. Thank you very much for the good and pleasant cooperation last year.

We are happy to inform you briefly about the following news: YourSuggestions for u, Up to 40% lower power dissipation of the TEC controller, Web Shop .MSI Software Packages.  

We are happy to announce the new TEC Service Software version 3.11 and a new User Manual. 

We are happy to announce the new miniature TEC controller and the new TEC Controllers Software version 3.00.

The LTC-1142 is our newest combined laser diode driver with onboard TEC controller and powerful features for measurement applications.

For our TEC controllers we created new tutorial videos, akin to our setup guide.

Is your system built with LabVIEW, would you like to integrate a TEC controller? We provide a starter kit to easily implement our TEC controllers into your system.

We are pleased to announce the availability of our new QCL controller with integrated TEC controller by January 2016.

Meerstetter Engineering is offering you multiple options to integrate proven drivers and controllers into your own development.

We present the latest addition to our popular portfolio of Peltier temperature controllers. The miniature TEC-1091 delivers true bipolar ±4 A / ±21 V DC, which are - at only 65x38x14 mm3 - resulting in a power density of >2 W/cm3. In this and many other ways, the TEC-1091 follows the 'no-compromise' approach of the entire line of Meerstetter TEC-Family devices (TEC-1089, TEC-1090, TEC-1122, TEC-1123).

We introduce out-of-the-box support for selected OLED displays. This feature allows easy monitoring of temperature and other device status information without using a host system. We also offer a readily cabled kit, the DPY-1113.

We return from a highly successful mission at the 2013 'Laser World of Photonics' exhibition in Munich, Germany. During four days, Robert Meerstetter, Marc Lüthi and Urban Seger presented our latest generation laser diode drivers and TEC controllers to the international trade specialists. Also, the rack enclosure LTR-1200 was publicly demonstrated for the first time.

We facilitate the stand-alone and specifically the side-by-side operation of our digital laser diode drivers and Peltier controllers. The 19" rack enclosure LTR-1200 is designed to hold up to four LDD- and/or TEC-Family devices, to provide modular power (up to 1440W) and adequate cooling, and to offer extensive communication options. Configured to customer's requirements, the LTR-1200 is a versatile platform for integrated turnkey solutions.

We add scripting capability to its line of TEC-Family Peltier controllers. The extended firmware and instruction set allow for local or remote triggering of sequential lookup table readouts, such as ramps, holds and loops.

We proudly announce the release of both firmware and service software for our successful range of TEC controllers. The software fully supports the new TEC-1123 Peltier controller, that delivers 60% more current than the TEC-1122 dual channel base model. The compact, single-channel TEC-1089 is also supported. Highlights of the latest software are PID controller auto tuning, data logging, temperature stability indication and comprehensive error handling.

We expand our newly developed family of full digital TEC controllers for high-precision OEM temperature control applications by the TEC-1123 model. The third member of the Meerstetter TEC-Family delivers ±16 A / ±19 V.

We present a novel, compact OEM laser diode controller for CW, QCW und pulsed laser applications. The LDD-1121 supplies diodes with up to 15 A / 15 V, and in 1 mA resolution.

We introduce newly developed TEC-1089 and TEC-1122 full digital TEC controllers for high-precision OEM temperature control applications. Their 'no-compromise' design is built from ground up around four core elements: low ripple power supply, high precision temperature detection, intelligent MCU control and comprehensive interfacing/safety features.