Combat Firing Simulator for Light Weapons


GAVAP is a french company specialised in simulation for firing instructions. Meerstetter Engineering provided electronics engineering for RUAG as sub-contractor.


The task was to develop the electronic subsystems of a combat firing simulator. The system had to be compatible to existing firing simulators of the french army. As it is used in combat simulations the system had to be very rugged against shock and interferences. As combat exercises last for several days, it was important to achieve a long battery life.


Meerstetter Engineering developed a system which provides the laser output control as well as the detection of the encoded laser pulses on uniforms. Furthermore the connectivity between the subsystems is established over radio. The overall system was field testet and implemented in collaboration with the customer.


  • Laser diode driver
  • Detection of laser pulse
  • Communication between subsystems
  • Mechanics

Technical data

  • Laser diode driver 100ns/ 2W
  • High sensitive laser pulse detector
  • Class 1 laser
  • Encoded laser beam
  • 1000 m range

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